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My Projects.

Collaboration with my peers.

Working together at University has led me to participate in teamwork and group sessions with other talented folks all striving to become teachers. Here is a collaborative project that took us 3 weeks to complete via Zoom and working remotely as COVID kept us apart, but together electronically, getting over the obstacles of distance and separation due to the pandemic by using technology better. Want to know more? Click on the image to find out.

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2021 © WSU: Kristie, Shannon, Jess, Julie, and me.

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Deversity Task - gamification.

This is our first attempt at uploading assessment tasks on YouTube. The task was to create a game for students to play in the classroom based on diversity and inclusivity. I was fortunate to have teamed up with Alan and Jason for this project as we were able to prove diversity from the get-go. 

What we learned was that collaboration can lead to great innovation and development - something all too well experienced by students in most classrooms. We called our game: OMG - Original Master Game.

Our role as teachers is to create positive learning environments, regardless of the background of the students or the differences they may experience at school. 

2021 © WSU: Alan, Jason, and me.

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Action Research Project for WSU.

As students at the university, we discovered that to become professional teachers, it is important to continue to reflect on our practice so that we can learn from our own teaching. 

Becoming a reflective teacher is a constructivist activity that enables us to "learn more about teaching and learning" (Killen, 2016, p. 110) as it makes it easier to help students learn as we learn from our own understanding of what to do.

This project was a group task between Jim, Oumayna, Mina and myself to discover through research which pedagogical strategies have a positive impact on student engagement.

Click on the image to discover what we found.
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2021 © WSU: Group 4 102811.

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